Louise Veres.  An understated dynamo.  So intuitive.  So to-the-point.  Louise has helped me to get Sahker Consulting off the ground…running!  I would not be nearly as far along with this new business without her.  In our short time together she’s kept me moving forward, has staved off the dark demon of procrastination, and helped me to keep my momentum going in a positive direction.  Not all coaches are created equal.  Louise is unequalled.

Paula Sahker, Sahker Consulting


When I first came to Louise, I was at a very low point in my life. I had recently sold my successful business and I wasn’t happy. The sale of my business (to my former business partner) felt akin to a divorce. It was emotional and heartbreaking. I had lost my “mojo” and no longer knew who I was. Signing up for 10 sessions with Louise was an essential piece of my road to healing. Louise was able to provide me with an impartial view of my situation and with laser vision guide me into the proper headspace. Most importantly, she helped me to gain a different perspective and clear the space in my life for a wonderful new beginning. It didn’t happen overnight but it did happen and I have Louise to thank for this shift.



Louise is a coach like no other.  My experience with her has been eye opening and surprisingly easy.  She has this way of getting you to identify the problem and come up with solutions in a guided way without doing the “heavy lifting” for you.   Both my personal and business relationships will forever be enhanced due to the exercises that are involved in the coaching.  I would never hesitate to suggest Louise whenever I hear about someone going through a major transition or being ruled by fear.

~ Mike Widdis, Upside Accounting


The Mastermind Group I attended with Louise has far surpassed my expectations. Louise has brought an invaluable insight into my business with her phenomenal coaching skills and business acumen. It is amazing to see how often our problems are all so common, yet having the objective outside perspective of a coach like Louise, really helps you implement practical solutions to these challenges. I thoroughly enjoyed the feedback from the Mastermind Group and would highly recommend Louise. It is truly “Business and Life Changing”!

~ Joti Vallabh, Positive Accounting


Louise empowers clients to tap into their inner strength.  She is nurturing, motivating, and provides insightful feedback.  Louise is a catalyst for change and growth.  I consider the money I spend on her programs and coaching to be both an investment in myself and in my future.

~ Sarah Andrew, Teacher


I recently participated in Louise’s Mastermind group and it was incredibly helpful.  When you own your own business, it can get very lonely and sometimes your best advice is not received from yourself!  A Mastermind group allows you to openly share your fears and mistakes without judgment.  It all starts with a strong leader who sets the tone about your objectives.  Louise is amazing at asking the right questions to help you come up with what you know is the right course of action but if you are off base, she will also steer you in the right direction.  She is very intuitive, thinks quickly on her feet and has an incredible level of common sense.


I have been pondering a few ideas for the past 2 years but nothing came of it.  I would make it a priority on my goal setting, would be in my top 5 must to do’s but I kept procrastinating and then would become critical of myself for not completing my objective.  At one of the Mastermind sessions we were discussing different objectives and priorities and Louise just asked the right questions.  I finally realized that I didn’t want to do what I felt the business world felt I must do and in that moment, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  Had I not been with a group of like-minded, caring individuals that can share anything about our businesses, I would still be beating myself up today.  Being able to get total clarity with a great leader and allowing yourself to have deep discussions about your worst fears with a group of peers is the best feeling ever.


I have now signed up for Louise’s Master Circle and I am really looking forward to my further development and being motivated by the new group.

~ Colleen Saunders, Mortgages by Colleen


Thank you Louise for providing this amazing opportunity to work with several other like- minded entrepreneurs. Working with Louise and the Mastermind Group gave me the accountability and confidence to take my business to the next level.  I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to advance their business.
~ Dr. Alison Danby, ND