Higher Self Workplace


Attitude is everything!

The ‘Higher-Self Workplace’ is about creating a core culture of positivity for your business. If your staff is emotionally courageous they are creative, positive, accountable, responsible and pro-active. Your Senior Management can lead and implement a more productive, positive and successful way of communicating and approaching the needs of your business.

When everyone adopts a ‘higher-self’ way of working, staff are able to cope with change, deal with deadlines, work efficiently, accept accountability and communicate effectively.

Everyone is afraid of something.  Many people are not pro-active or creative in the workplace because they are afraid of losing their job.  Staff is often absent due to stress – because they are afraid of not being able to produce the necessary results.  Many managers are afraid to actually manage their staff effectively.  Sales people are often more afraid of the customer than of missing their targets!

‘Higher-Self’ is an emotional psychological state which produces a feeling of confidence, self-belief, respect, understanding, empathy, self-trust, relaxation, enthusiasm and creativity, as well as the ability to respond positively and pro-actively to any situation.

In contrast, ‘Lower-Self’ or the ‘Chatterbox’ is an emotional psychological state which produces fear, boredom, dissatisfaction, paralysis, resistance, resentment, anxiety, stress, turmoil, self-produced obstacles, panic, lack of respect, negative responses and re-active results.

Susan Jeffers has identified the difference between these two states of mind and has formulated strategies which can be employed on a daily basis to help your staff remain in a ‘Higher-Self’ state, no matter what crisis, changes, risks or tasks they are faced with.

Your staff is first and foremost, human beings – even the CEO!

Attitude is everything!

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