mastermind_groupBusiness Leaders Mastermind Group

Exceptional leaders today realize that they can’t do this on their own. Rather, they surround themselves with successful peers who help them become better leaders and accelerate their business results while enhancing their personal well being. Benefit from dedicated time for peer input on your specific key issues and challenges, as well as group learning through professional facilitation and coaching.

What Is a Mastermind Group?

A mastermind is a group of highly motivated people who are committed to growing personally and professionally. These groups meet regularly and are focused on leveraging the power of many minds coming together for a single purpose – to foster personal and professional growth and development, drive results, and realize the attainment of your goals through accountability.

Value of Participation

  • Draw upon the experience, support and wisdom of a group of trusted peers
  • Become a better and more effective leader and communicator
  • Leverage the experience from others to accomplish your goals faster
  • Obtain space to focus on the big picture
  • Generate ideas and gain immediate problem solving
  • Connect with like-minded peers and use peer accountability to drive discipline, commitment, and results

Is this Program Right for You?

This group consists of 6 carefully matched and selected business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to fulfilling both the personal and professional potential of themselves as well as their fellow group members.

If you’re willing to invest in yourself, commit to achieving and exceeding your goals, want to both give and receive help and like the idea of working with others, this group is ideal for you.

You are an enthusiastic and driven entrepreneur or business leader in any industry looking to take that leap forward.

Program Details

Dates:       First Thursday of each month over 8 months from October 2018 – May 2019

Time:       10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Location:  ACE Coworking Space, 295 Robinson Street, Oakville ON

Only 6 spots available.

If you’d like to be considered for a spot, or want more information, please contact Louise Veres.



Full Circle Leadership Program (Leadership 360 Assessment & Coaching)

This program is about getting an “MRI” of your leadership with a combination of The Leadership Circle Profile™ and personal coaching. The Leadership Circle Profile™ is the only 360-degree assessment that measures leadership competencies and the inner assumptions that drive behavior. In an instant, individuals discover what they are doing, why they are doing it, and key opportunities for development. Ultimately, this assessment cultivates awareness and insights that enhance effectiveness in leadership and impacts performance.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is designed to accelerate leadership effectiveness beyond traditional competency-based approaches. When it comes to developing leaders, training to competencies alone does not work very well. For more rapid and lasting results, it is crucial that organizations help leaders gain deeper insight into their behavior and what is driving it. The Leadership Circle Profile™ is the only 360 degree competency assessment that simultaneously provides focused competency feedback while revealing the underlying assumptions that are causing a leader’s pattern of strengths and limitations. The Leadership Circle Profile™ helps leaders understand the relationship between how they habitually think, how they behave, and, more importantly, how all this impacts their current level of leadership effectiveness. Once this awareness is established, leadership development can proceed. Without it, change rarely happens.

For more information on The Leadership Circle Profile™ or to book your assessment, contact Louise.