leadership coaching oakville ontarioThe Centre for Leading and Living was created by Louise Veres, Associate Certified Coach, to help individual leaders, teams, and organizations reflect on their leadership in order to understand what is working well and what isn’t.

The Centre offers Leadership Coaching, Mastermind Programs and Corporate Training Programs (among other services) that will empower you and your organization to reach the Leadership levels you know you can achieve!

Our approach at The Centre for Leading and Living is to help individual leaders, teams, and organizations operate from this perspective.

Our coaching approach is based on self-awareness and accountability as the means to help our clients reach their goals and objectives.

Our model is designed to take full advantage of the strengths and values of the client while efficiently addressing attitudes and behaviors that get in the way of creating results.

If you want to lead from a position of power instead of being ruled by fear, you need to develop 4 key criteria.  I’ve called this my BRAV method.  To find out more, download your free copy and get started on creating your journey to leadership success!


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